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Tour the Mega Ship from Escape 2 Earth 2012

Tour the Mega Ship from Escape 2 Earth

 Since the folks over at Escape Earth 2012 are selling tickets to board the USS Ark 2012 escape ship we decided to give you a tour of one of our 2012 Mega Space Ships for free.
Actually it's an excerpt from Escape 2 Earth 2012. 

On a beautiful, breezy spring evening the president made good on his promise by allowing a CNN reporter and his camera crew total access to one of the first completed mega ships located in the Tiger Bay State Forest just a stone’s throw away from Daytona Beach Florida. 
Art and Julie were already at Matt and Sara’s apartment at the White House when Will arrived.  The guys had been inside a few of the ships on several occasions before but have never seen or toured a completed vessel.  Matt and Sara made cocktails for their guest.  They joined their friends who had already congregated in the living room around the TV watching as a handsome young African American reporter stood on one of four large ramps leading to the interior of the mega rescue ship named the Florida Sky Surfer. 
“Good evening  viewers, I am about to take you on an amazing exclusive tour inside one of the mega ships that will carry the millions of Americans to our new home on December 21,2012.” 
As the reporter spoke the twenty foot wide dark brown conveyor belt like ramp slowly carried him higher toward the entrance.  When the studio’s control room switched to a wide shot the massive, oval shaped, cream colored, city size ship came into view.  The design of the space ship was not like any that you would normally see in movies.  It was narrow near the bottom and widest in the center then tapered off near the top. 
The large windows of the command center could clearly be seen at the far left a few decks below the very top of the new vessel.  On the grounds near the ship a ring of ten powerful flood lights were trained on the glossy Sky Surfer.  For many American’s this was the first live look at one of the rescue ships.  More than thirty stories high and wider than five city blocks the first challenge was finding enough locations around the country for the flying cities to be constructed. 
Under the glaring lights the cream colored ship appeared to look white, the windows, portals and doors of the exterior were all trimmed in navy blue.  Once inside the reporter was greeted by six heavily armed shoulders, three on each side of the entrance. 
The reporter paused briefly to offer a word of caution.  “If any of you feel the urge to visit one of these fascinating ships I suggest you reconsider.  The White House has made it perfectly clear that the ships are off limits to all unauthorized personnel.  The first thing that I noticed was how low the ceilings are.  I was told earlier by one of the engineers that the reason for the low ceilings was to keep the height of the ship lower.” 
He turned to face a silver circular desk; behind the desk were a half dozen computers with blank screens.  “This will be the check in station; it’s actually located on the third deck of the ship.  The two decks below me will be used entirely for storage of supplies and various other necessities needed for the upcoming voyage.” 
Before the reporter made his way down the light green corridor en route to one of the dining areas he pointed out the ships floor plan located on the wall to his left then to the soft lights above and alongside the wide hallway floor. 
“In space there is no day or night” he explained “so the ship’s computers have been programmed to simulate the twenty four hour cycle by gradually diming the lights in the common areas at night and slowly raising them during what would be our normal daytime hours.  I should also point out that the entire ship is climate controlled.” 
Seconds later he strolled casually through the first huge white dining hall and sat at one of the tables.  “This is one of five dining halls on this vessel; it seats one thousand people at a time.  When the tables are removed it becomes what is known as a common area, a place for meetings, and other gatherings.  The food travels via a series of computerized conveyor belts.  Chefs and their staff in the kitchens above us will work in shifts twenty four hours a day to feed the fifty thousand passengers who will live aboard this ship for nine months so don’t even think about ordering room service.”
Light, soft colors of lime green, egg shell and baby blue were some of the colors that made the ship feel more like home.  The CNN reporter turned tour guide led the viewers through the ship highlighting areas like the observation deck with the large picture windows, the jogging track that circled the entire top floor of the ship and the extensive hydroponics garden area where additional food, herbs, and spices would be grown. 
The tour lasted a full two hours with stops at one of the security stations and the living quarters.  The young reporter sat on a small bed in one of the tan colored apartments.  “I gotta tell ya, this ain’t the Ritz Carlton.  The rooms are small and the furniture is sparse.  This unit is for a family of four, it has three beds, one table, and four chairs that are bolted to the floor for safety.  There is room for storage but as you can see there will be no TV so you may want to bring along a couple of good books.    
The tour was completed at the ship’s hospital.  “The hospital, like the ship itself, is state of the art complete with fully functioning emergency and operating rooms.  It looks like our alien benefactors have thought of everything including the fact that on a ship of this size you may still be miles away from the hospital so there are eight nurse’s stations placed throughout the vessel.”  As the reporter signed off and left the ship Matt turned down the volume.
It was a picture perfect day when Will returned to his home town.  A crowd of twenty thousand people, many wearing tee shirts with 2012, or pictures of the Mayan Calendar had gathered at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia to witness the unveiling of the latest mega ship. 
Escape 2 Earth 2012
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