Friday, March 18, 2011

Escape 2 Earth 2012 _ Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale. From Thanksgiving to Christmas all science fiction books by author Lawrence Johnson will be on sale at their lowest prices ever.   Escape Earth 2012
Paperback available at

Return 2 Earth: Liberation Force (Book 2 from the E2E Series) $3.99 Also in paperback

The Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy is a collection of adventures that take place in the Escape 2 Earth Universe.

Paranormal Portals in paperback

Paranormal Portals [Kindle Edition] only $3.99

The stories included in the Paranormal Portals are
A Rescue in Time
Lost in Translation
Saturday the Fourteenth
Time Trap
Dimensions in Time
A Matter of Time
The Visitor
Rain of the Slimax
The Thirteenth Floor
Paralyzed by the Nightmare Spirit
The South Philly Secret
Murder in the Wings

Paranormal Portals are short stories written by the father/daughter team of Lawrence Johnson Sr. and Lauren A. Johnson. By Lauren A. Johnson, Lawrence Johnson Sr.