Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Alexander Steele File - Confidential

 Alexander Steele Dossier 

Race - African American

Born - Philadelphia Pa

Age - 34

Height 6' 1"

Build - Athletic

Profession - Private Investigator  

Weapons of choice -  Glock 19, Ruger P90 and MP 5 long gun (sub machine gun)

Auto -   2012 Jaguar XKR-S and Ducati Diavel

Languages - Spanish

Vices - None

Weakness - Girlfriend Shakia Spencer

Hobbies - Chess

Watching sports - Sixers, Eagles,


Activities - Jogging and (sparing) Boxing

Auto - 2012 Jaguar XKR-S and Ducati Diavel 

Steele has solved cases from Mexico to Montreal Canada but prefers to work closer to his home town of Philadelphia.

Note : Alexander Steele is considered semi retired.  Two years ago he opened a private club in Mt. Airy called the Inner Sanctum.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Escape 2 Earth 2012 Excerpt - British Prime Minister uk


British Prime Minister Major requested a meeting with the trio. It was 3:20 in the morning when they arrived at the British Embassy. “Gentlemen, thank you for coming. Please have a seat. I owe you an explanation for all of this
cloak and dagger business. You see, President Walker and I have developed a very close friendship during our trip to Lazon.”Matt was about to interrupt when the Prime Minister anticipated his question. “I know what you are thinking Matt. There was a change of plans. We never made it to Otar. I have asked you here so that we could speak in private. No one knows this meeting is taking place and for good reason. The world owes you three a debt that we could never repay. While Walker was away he managed to piece together everything from your meetings with the aliens, to Rotart’s plot to hijack our new home planet.”

Will, Eric and Matt looked at each other but kept quiet. “That’s right guys he knew it all and he passed that knowledge on to me. You can relax. Your secret is safe with me. When he took ill, he
asked me to thank you all, especially Matt for sticking to his guns. "Now, I understand.’ Let me tell you the whole story.”

Just as Prime Minister Major finished he received a phone call. “Hello, yes. What? Bloody hell, what nerve! Cheeky bastard! No, I won’t be going to Downing Street. Yes, straightaway, okay, keep
in touch. Good-bye.”

The Prime Minister was furious. Art walked over to the desk where the minister was standing; the closer Art became the more he could hear the muttering under the minister’s breath. Art spoke in his most respectful tone. “Sir, are you okay?” “I bloody will be when I have Rotart’s head on a stick.” The Prime Minister was turning red. “Our government has agreed to allow this fraud, this charlatan to speak to the House of Commons tomorrow.
My plane won’t be here for another three hours. What’s he up to? He knows I wouldn’t be there.” He pounded his fist on the desk. “He’s a crafty one. He took a minute to calm himself down.

“Art do you still have family in England?” “Yes sir, I do. A few relatives and my wife’s people as well,” Art answered. “Well Arthur, why don’t you fly back with me in the morning? I could use the company.” The Minister’s mood changed as he waited for Art’s answer. Art stroked his chin, “That’s a very generous offer sir. My grand’s in poor health and I would like to pop in for a quick visit.” Art turned to Will and Matt as he asked, “But what about Eric
and the funeral? I may be needed here.” Will flagged him off. “Naw man, Matt and I can handle things on this side of the pond. Go.”“Yeah,” said Matt.

The Prime Minister seemed calmer now; he patted Art on the back.“You are fortunate to have such good mates. You should take their advice. Maybe we could put our heads together and get rid of this Rotart scum once and for all.

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