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Martha A. Cheves Reviews the 2012 Sci-fi novel Escape 2 Earth

Five Star Review from Martha A. Cheves

  (Kindle Edition)
`Two tall male forms walked from the ship toward them. This was it. It was obvious from their attire that they were not from this world. It was one of the coldest nights of the winter but the thin blue shimmering material worn by the visitors seemed more than adequate to keep them warm. One of the aliens began to speak. His voice was calm and welcoming. "I bid you peace. You have no idea how long we have waited for this moment to arrive." The two aliens bowed slightly under the moonlight while Will and Matt stood motionless and speechless. "Your friend is injured, allow us to help." One of the aliens had dark blue hair, when he moved away from the light it actually looked black. He motioned toward Art. When they didn't respond he picked Art up in both arms and carefully carried him up the small ramp and inside the ship. The other alien was a little shorter with shoulder length reddish brown hair. The shorter man did not speak but motioned for Matt and Will to follow. Once on the ship the door silently slid closed behind them and once again the ship seemed to vanish. Matt and Will were not the only ones amazed at the dramatic arrival of the aliens, the man who had shadowed them since their arrival at the airport was back. This time he watched, with high-powered night vision binoculars, from a clump of trees on the other side of the clearing. The stalker had shed his disguise. He would be much easier for Matt to recognize now. It was Matt's nemesis, Dave.' 

Matt and Will were not just best friends, they were also partners in a venture to photograph and hopefully find answers to the mysterious masses of `crop circles' that had plagued the world for years. But, as time passed and the answers with it, Matt decided to split the partnership and take a real job. One that would keep him home where he and his wife Sara could hopefully start a family. But, as predicted by Will, Matt would soon become bored with his position at America's Pulse Magazine. At least that was the case until Matt and Will met Arthur Collins. Art was a computer whiz with CBT Electronics. He and his team were in the process of building a new super computer. Secretly he talked Matt and Will into allowing him to submit the data they had collected over the years into the new computer to see what it might come up with a pattern and therefore answers. The answers calculated by this super computer would change the lives of not just Matt, Will and Art but the whole world. By diagnosing the data, there appeared to be 3 symbols that kept appearing in the printouts. They were 001, 034, AH and 2,012. After many calculations 001 turned out to be San Andreas Fault, 034 - England, and AH - Averbury Hedge. 2,012 was the year which was 8 years into the future. The year Earth would be destroyed. 

So, where do the aliens come into play? Are they here to help or to hinder? According to them, they aren't even supposed to be there. If their planet officials found out, they could face death. But can the trio believe what they tell them about the destruction of the world? According to them, Earth cannot be saved but the people can. How? There are millions of people on the planet and no way to get off and even if they could, where would they go? 

I've read books that have kept me on the edge of my seat but Escape 2 Earth 2012 had me even holding my breath at times. Why? So many of the happenings are so possible. What are the pyramids really and how were they actually built? What is Stonehenge and who built it? Is it possible that there might be a planet out there that is on course to collide with Earth? Would our government even tell us if there was no way to avoid the collision? Escape 2 Earth 2012 is fiction but it sure makes sense of some of these questions. This is a truly intense book. 


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Escape 2 Earth 2012 - the Television Series

Please sign our petition and help turn Escape 2 Earth the book series into Escape 2 Earth the TV Series.

Win one of 5 Escape 2 Earth e-books just by signing our petition.  Five new winners are drawn weekly.

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Global Book Blast Interviews Sci-fi Author Lawrence Johnson

Global Book Blast Interviews Sci-fi Author Lawrence Johnson

Global Book Blast Interviews Sci-fi Author Lawrence Johnson
 My science fiction novel that incorporates the mayan calendar, crop circles, and pyramids. Set in the year 2004 until 2012.return 2 earthThis short story takes place after Return 2 Earth, but in the story they're are NO spoilers for Return 2 Earth. So you can read it at any time of the series.

GBB: Good afternoon Mr. Johnson. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about your science fiction series Escape 2 Earth 2012.

Larry: No problem, glad to be here.

GBB: Okay, let’s get right down to it. Escape 2 Earth, that an unusual title for a book. How did you come up with it?

Larry: Well, I get asked that question a lot. It’s a play on words. In the story there are two earths so by removing the word to in the title and replacing it with the number 2 I though if would get more peoples attention.

GBB: Oh, I see. While we’re on the subject of words I’ve noticed on some of your stories you are credited as Lawrence Johnson Sr. and other times as Larry J; what’s up with that?

Larry: For the past 3 years I have been asked to participate on sci-fi panels at Philcon’s conventions in New Jersey. I would always run into L. A. Banks. She was a great writer who recently passed away. Ms. Banks had always given me great advice. Her real name was Leslie Esdaile Banks. How many people would remember that? It’s the same with J.K. Rowlings. Lawrence Johnson Sr. is not the kind of name that sticks with you so I shortened it to Larry

GBB: Tell us about Escape 2 Earth 2012 and how the basic premise differs from most sci-fi stories about disasters or aliens etc?

Larry: A lot of sci-fi novels and movies tend to evolve around some experiment gone wrong of as you just said alien invasions and that sort of thing. Escape 2 Earth is a story about 3 men who have an alien encounter after deciphering a hidden code. They have to convince our government that planet earth will be destroyed but there’s a catch actually two catches. One, they cannot reveal their source, the secret alliance with the aliens and two; there is a dangerous, manipulative alien dictator from a distant galaxy who wants to wipe out the entire human race. So you see there are some major obstacles to overcome here.

GBB: Wow, that’s original, I’ll give you that. If this is a series aren’t you kinda of giving away the end of the first book?

Larry: No, not at all. At the end of book one we know that out of 6 billion people there are survivors but if you didn’t read the first book you don’t know who or how many survived, or which characters live, how they survived or where they ended up. There’s a reason why I called the sequel Return 2 Earth.

GBB: Okay, I see your point. You recently did a radio interview where you talked about your book vs. Roland Emmerich’s 2012 the movie. You didn’t seem very happy with him. Can you elaborate?

Larry: People always get this story wrong.  Before 2012 Roland Emmerich had agreed to direct the remake of Fantastic Voyage. During that time I sent his office a copy of Escape 2 Earth. About a month later I received a letter from his people that basically said they were not interested. Less than 2 months after I received the letter it was announced that Mr. Emmerich had backed out of Fantastic Voyage and would do 2012 which he also co-wrote. I read somewhere that he didn’t even have a script. What he presented to the studio heads was an idea.

GBB: Are you implying that he read your story and made the movie without crediting you for it?

Larry: No, that’s where the controversy comes in. Although there are a few similarities Mr. Emmerich chose to go down a different path. No aliens, no space ships, no……… He’s the best there is when it comes to big screen special effects but his story was practically non- existent. The movie has over 150 one star ratings on Amazon. My point was that he missed an opportunity. I have the 2012 story and he would have been the perfect person to direct it. That’s what I’m saying. John Billingsley is an acquaintance of mine. I met him and his wife at a science fiction convention I was invited to a few years ago. John has a great range of acting skills. I mean the man can play practically any part. He had a very small part in the 2012 movie. In my opinion his talents were very underutilized. I told him that if I was ever given the opportunity to make Escape 2 Earth into a movie I would like to see him play the role of President Walker.

GBB: So you book must have been out for quite some time. How do you explain the resurgence? Why after all these years is it starting to gain traction again in the sci-fi world?

Larry: The answer to that question is simple. 2012 is just a few months away so anything connected to it will benefit. The similarities between what I wrote in the book and what ‘s been happened in the world since then is a little scary.

GBB: How do you mean?

Larry: The recent discovery of an earth-like planet, people constructing under ground bunkers, hidden messages inside crop circles, it’s all in the book.

But there’s more. Since the original version was released I have added 100 plus pages and had the book re-edited. My daughter has written a spin-off series. Escape 2 earth has evolved into three novels and by next year we would have released a dozen short stories.

GBB: You must be very proud of your daughter.

Larry: Yes, I am. She has been involved in one way or another since the beginning of this project.

GBB: I just have two more questions. Do you have a favorite character or scene?

Larry: Favorite character no, it’s just too hard to choose but I do have two favorite chapters. Chapter 14 Charade, it takes place on the planet Lazon. There are lots of twist and turns in this story and there is a major turn in chapter fourteen. My second favorite chapter is number 19 Exodus. This chapter practically wrote it’s self. I couldn’t get the words down fast enough. Everything so clear, so vivid, it was like I was right there on the ship with them. The fear, the danger, the uncertainty, it was all there.

GBB: Is it true that you use religion in all of your stories?

Larry: No, from time to time you may notice a hint or reference to religion. People who are looking for religion go to church they read science fiction to be entertained. Wait; let me back up a bit. I did write a short story a couple of years ago called Dimensions in Time. It clearly had religious overtones but that was the only one.

GBB: What’s on the horizon for you as far as writing goes?

Larry: Well my daughter and I have just donated books to the women’s shelter and to a local high school. I am currently working on book three in the Escape 2 Earth series. It’s called Earth 2 Redemption and Lauren has just begun the sequel to her first novel The Quest to Save Xanar. Since the series has grown so much we have just released Lexicon of the Spiral Galaxy. It’s a free companion guide from the Escape 2 Earth series, names planets, ships, events etc.

GBB: Thank you for joining me today. Maybe you’ll come back and talk to us about the rest of the books in the series.

Larry: Thank you for having me. I would be happy to.

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Escape 2 Earth 2012 - the Television Series Week #1 Winners

Week #1 Winners of Escape 2 Earth 2012 e-Book

Kyle Watson  (Rural Hall, North Carolina)
Yolanda Pascal (Long Beach, California) 

Check back each weekend to see if you have won.  If you have won contact us at for your free eBook.

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New Sci-fi TV Show

Quatrain of the Cosmos

Plateau de Meditation

Festival of Life

Silver Unicorn

The Eros Star

The Nexus

Escape 2 Earth 2012 - The Series

Imagine a distant galaxy where The Grand Apex and other powerful alien rulers of the Planetary Alliance controlled over a dozen strange worlds. Planets like Nep'o the water planet, and Tygalon the planet who's inhabitants are tree dwellers or Lazon where it's pink morning skies and the planets weather are computer controlled.

Imagine space ships in all shapes colors and sizes like the graceful mega party space cruiser The Eros Star, or the lighting fast Silver Unicorn.

Attend the Quatrain of the Cosmos festivities at the Gelaman, and the City of the Lost or take a stroll through the Whistling Forrest.

This is just a sample of the exotic places and backdrops that make up the Escape 2 Earth Universe.

You can close your eyes and image or you can help us bring this and the entire series to life by joining us in signing our petition to support our efforts in bring the Escape 2 Earth series to the Syfy channel.

In an effort to show our commitment to this project we will giveaway 5 Escape 2 Earth 2012 e-Books every week until December 31st. We want to make believers out of you and your science fiction friends by giving the first book in our story away because we are convinced that once you read Escape 2 Earth you will encourage your friends to join the cause and sign the petition.

Thank you for your support



Escape 2 Earth........and Beyond

Escape 2 Earth - 2012 | Myspace Video

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GOLD E-BOOK OF THE MONTH: Pets in Paradise by Lee Carey

Pets In Paradise 

by Lee Carey 

Our pets, like us, will depart this life. We all know this is a very emotional and heartbreaking time. This novel will lift your spirits and allow you to peek into their Paradise. Always remember...we never forget our pets...and they never forget us.
 155 pages/paperback/autographed & inscribed with your choice of inscription.


Sci-fi Authors Larry J. and L.A. Johnson Interview on The G-Zone

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Escape 2 Earth TV Series

Hello everyone,

Using the power of the internet we are attempting to change the way TV producers select which shows are aired.
I have posted an on line petition to have the 2012 science fiction novels (and short stories) from Escape 2 Earth made into a series. To show my appreciation for your participation each week from now until the end of the year we will randomly draw five names from those who have been kind enough to sign.  Each person will receive a Kindle download of Escape 2 Earth.
Your personal information will not be disclosed.

Please help us make history.

Thank you

Lawrence Johnson Sr.
Author - Escape 2 Earth, Return 2 Earth

Escape 2 Earth TV Series

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Book Town Gold is for authors who wants to take their promotion to the next level and win great prizes along the way.
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Top prize - A new Kindle.

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Terror on Telderan - Sneak Peek

Excerpt from Terror on Telderan
(Prequel to Escape 2 Earth 2012)
by Larry Johnson Sr.

The Teldaran and Earth dilemma’s was not only on the minds of Rayna and Earth’s Guardians, miles away a meeting of the powerful Planetary Alliance was about to convene.  The Great Chamber’s walls were the meetings were held were covered with fine priceless works of art that had been gathered from various galaxies through the years. Soft blue light emanating from the oval table lit up the room.  

Lazon’s Apex was the first to arrive, his long tan robe fluttered behind him as he briskly approached his seat at the head of the oval glass table.  Shortly after his arrival the Emperor of Natropi entered the chamber, he was followed by King Ashnar of Deltor, Elder Manook from the planet Tygalon, King Zerlious of Xanar, and the Supreme Ruler of the water planet Nep’o.  One by one the members entered the room, greeted each other and sat down on one of the gray high back chairs.  Each chair was equipped with a panel that concealed buttons and switches allowing the members to vote or view images on the glass table in front of them. When the sixteenth member took his seat the Apex glanced over at the empty chair once occupied by the ruler of Otar and began the meeting. 

The Apex was a straight forward leader.  He was a slender middle aged Lazoian with short bluish black hair.  His voice was not loud or commanding but somehow he had always managed to hold everyone’s attention and he was known for getting results. 

"I am aware that you are eager to return to the celebration so I will be brief."
The first topic of discussion was weather the Alliance would open trade negotiations with the planet Rayos.  The majority of members voted it down.  The next issue was Galaron’s request to be considered to fill the seat in the alliance left vacant by the departure of Otar.  The group’s consensus was that Galaron was not ready.  Again the vote was no.  For the fourth time in as many years the Planetary Alliance had sent scout ships to find out what happened to the inhabitants of the Planet Akanon and for the fourth time the ship vanished never to be seen or heard from again.  So many ships have disappeared around Akanon that it had been nicknamed The Planet of Doom. Should another attempt be made to find out what happened to all of those ships?  The vote was unanimous. 

As the members pushed the little red buttons on the little console inside the arm of the chair the results could be seen on the screens inside the table in front of them.  On this day the votes were consistent, no, no, and no. It appeared as thought the alliance members would be heading to the festivities early until the Grand Apex brought up the final topic for the day, Telderan. 

Although a few thousand settlers had been living there for close to one hundred and fifty years the planet was mainly untouched.  Most people did not want to live there out of fear of the Nex.  Loosely translated it meant violent death.  The Apex reminded everyone that as stated in the alliance charter before a planet could be terra formed an alliance colony have to live and gather data on the planet for a period of no less than twenty five years.  The Emperor of Natropi rose from his seat.

"We are well aware of the rules Apex, our geologist and botanist have been living on Telderan for twenty two years now."

The Apex nodded and held up his hand.  

"It has been brought to my attention that I’Rotart will attempt to claim Telderan and terra form it for Otar.  After leaving the alliance he has abandoned our ways, disregarded our rules.  Now his world is in peril and his people are suffering.  By terra forming Telderan he would be able to solve many of his problems."
Zerlious of Xanar was also confused about this dilemma.  The gray bearded King tried to lift his rather large frame from his seat but quickly decided that it was best to make his point sitting down. 

"Otarians do not have the knowledge or technology to terra form a planet like Telderan.  If he were to acquire such knowledge the settlers and our colony members would be in grave danger if he attempted to do so."
Elder Manook cautioned the group.  

"I’Rotart is a foolish and desperate leader."

Manook was a short, stocky brown skinned man who wardrobe was mostly animal skins, he waived his stubby finger around the table. 

"Do not forget my friends the prophecy’s of the Oracles, not just one Oracle but all of our Oracles have foretold of the day when a planet would leave us and clash with the blue planet called Earth.  Rotart will attempt to terra form the planet Telderan and he will most certainly fail.  The emitters that we have constructed around the perimeter of the colony and settlement may protect them from the deadly Nex however it would be of no use against the terra forming process."

The room fell silent, one by one the view screens were switch off, there will be no vote on Telderan on this day.  If the Oracles were correct no matter what decision was made it was inevitable that Telderan and Earth would be destroyed.  

It was midday on Lazon, the sea was filled with colorful boats of cheerful festival goers, some had traveled several light years from planets around the galaxies.  Many adults were busy painting their boats in bold bright colors while the elder members prepared the food for the evening feast.  Children on boats spread across the ocean were putting on the finishing touches to elaborate colorful lanterns made with intricate patterns and designs.  At dusk the Festival of Life would turn into the Festival of Life just as it has for thousands of years, but this year was different. 

The evening skies on Lazon had slowly turned from a powdery pink to a beautiful vivid orange when a large purple ship appeared directly over the area where the Planetary Alliance had set up their site along the beach.  The bottom hatch slide open and a much smaller craft the same color as the mother ship flew down to the beach and landed near The Grand Apex and a few of the Alliance members.  The figure exiting from the ship was no stranger to the Planetary Alliance, it was I’ Rotart. 

Thousands along the beach drew closer to see what was going on.  Landing a space ship was forbidden during the festival, it was a slap in the face to the ancestors as well as those who had attended this event.  I’Rotart was tall and handsome with wavy black hair and a short beard.  I’Rotart stood silently with his hands on his hips, his bodyguards stood by his side and behind him.  His bright blue shirt and pants made him look even taller.  The Grand Apex was angry; he approached Rotart but was able to hold his temper.


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The Return of Alexander Steele in The Ring of Death

Alexander Steele and the Deadly Ring
by Larry J.

The Case of the Ring of Death will lure our famous Philly detective into the secret world behind the scenes in the Vatican.
Follow Steele as he attempts to solve this baffling case while preserving old traditions and avoiding a major scandal in the church.
A man who holding a powerful secret has been found dead in the middle of the night on the steps of the main branch of the Philadelphia Library . He has no ID, no phone not even a watch. Steele’s only clue……. a spoon tucked inside his sock.

Read Case of the Deadly Ring on Smashbooks. Use code for FREE
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Street savvy, private investigator Alexander Steele wants to put his P.I days behind him. Steele wants to focus on running his exclusive night spot called Inner Sanctum. Over the years his grit, tenacity and eye for detail has kept him at the top of his game. The Philly detective has solved dangerous cases from Montreal to Mexico but a new challenge is on the horizon.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Alexander Steele Mystery Series

The Alexander Steele Mystery Series
By Larry J.

Keeping Up with Philly's famous Detective Alex Steele

Steele had gotten wind of a feud between two rival drug lords in Philly.  Under normal circumstances he wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass about a local drug war.  His first though was "another drug war.   Let them kill each other, hell, I’ll even supply the bullets," but this time things were different.  
When a rival drug lord managed to infiltrate then taint his competitor’s shipment with a deadly, odorless poison Steele had no choice but to intervene.  If his friend and club manager Sugar Bear had his way Steele would have turned down the Case of the Death Dealer and thousands of innocent people would have died.

Without a doubt the most changeling case was also the most deadly.  Up until then life had been good for the retired Alex Steele.  Before the Death Dealer and the Case of the Deadly Ring, in the very beginning of  Blackout Steele relaxed as he breathed in the warm air and took in the view of Christ the Redeemer from his hotel room’s balcony.  It was Carnival in Brazil a time for him to recharge his batteries and reflect on his life.  Had Steele know what laid ahead upon his return he may have chosen to extend his vacation.

Steele’s menacing foe was a deranged but brilliant madman known only as Chameleon.  Steele had never read The Art of War but was familiar with the phrase “know your enemy.”

 It was a painstaking process for Steele as his most ruthless foe expanded their mental chessboard from the streets of Philadelphia to the world.  Chameleon racked up the body count as Steele tracked him to four countries and attempted to get inside the mind of this deranged psycho.  The who, what, why, when and how were answers that a befuddled Steele found hard to come by.  Logic as well as Steele’s target Chameleon was equally elusive and time was quickly running out.  

The future of the United States as we know it was about to come tumbling down.  If Chameleon had his way America would become a third world country in very short order.

Steele was making headway; he had started to put the pieces together when this high stakes game took another surprising twist.  Steele the hunter has now become the hunted.  He was Chameleon’s prime target. 

Order your autographed copy of BLACKOUT here.

Read Blackout on, Smashbooks, and




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Escape Earth Tickets

Escape Earth Tickets 

I am the author of the 2012 sci-fi novel Escape 2 Earth.  The overwhelming majority of readers liked the story however there were a small number of people who accused me of creating fear and panic.   

My daughter recently sent me a link to this website.  You can image my surprise when I visited the site and read this.

Book tickets now for yourself, family, and friends to ensure safe passage to the new world.

The world as we know it will end December 21, 2012! Luckily you can save yourself and loved ones from the Earth’s apocalypse by booking your tickets now aboard the USS Ark 2012 escape ship. What is the USS Ark 2012, you ask? It is the one and only Earth escape spaceship that will provide safe passage to a new habitable planet in the event of Armageddon in 2012.
Wow, some brave soul has taken Escape 2 Earth 2012 from a novel to the Escape Earth experience.  In addition to an actual ticket this site offers you a choice of packages sent to you by mail.

To avoid any confusion I should point out the differences between Escape 2 Earth the novel and the Escape Earth Experience (tickets)
My website is called Escape 2 Earth 2012.   You can download Escape 2 Earth on Kindle on sale here.  

Their site Escape Earth Tickets
The names are very similar but are in no way related. 
Below is an excerpt taken from Escape 2 Earth 2012.  For a tour of one of our