Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mayan Connection - Crop Circles 2012 Novel

Mayan Connection - Crop Circles 2012 Novel

Several years ago my wife and I took a trip to see the pyramid El Castillo in Chichen Itza Mexico. Dozens of tourist braved the searing heat to snap photos as they chatted about the pyramid that the ancient Maya used as a temple to worship their God Kukulcan.

As my wife and I walked through the Great Ball Court where kukulcan once stood our thoughts were not of how the pyramid was used as a giant calendar to predict the spring and autumn equinoxes or of the games once played on the Great Ball Court, we just wanted to get out of the 100 plus degrees of dry, stifling heat.

Back then I had no way of knowing that I would write a novel that would connect me to those who once dwelled in this desolate place. The Mayan calendar which is the centerpiece of Escape 2 Earth was created by the very people whose land I visited years before I even came up with the idea for writing a story about 2012.

That was just the first of many coincidences that I have discovered. Chapter 17 of Escape 2 Earth is called Neptune’s Eye Redux. In this chapter Will, Matt, and Art are aboard the space ship called The Silver Unicorn. The pilot of the ship must avoid being seen by a patrol ship that has just been dispatched from an underwater alien sea base called Neptune’s Eye.

Youtube USO video

Escape 2 Earth is the story of three men (Matt, Will, and Art) who discover ominous hidden coded messages inside crop circles made by a secret society of aliens called Earth’s Guardians.
Here is the link to a video where crop circles include DNA, molecules, the Mayan Calendar, and more are shown at a UFO conference a few years ago. The crop circle of the Mayan calendar in this video was discovered in August 2004, five months after Escape 2 Earth was copyrighted.

Note: Jaime Maussan is Mexico’s leading ufologist.

Chapter #4 of Escape 2 Earth the three main charters in the story have an unusual encounter at Avebury Henge. In reality it is the same area where Nibiru (or planet X) crop circles were discovered on July 15 2008 four years after Escape 2 Earth was copyrighted.

Avebury Manor Crop Circle- 2012 and Nibiru Part #1 (July 15, 2008)

Avebury Manor Crop Circle- 2012 and Nibiru: Part #2 (July 22, 2008)

Jaime Maussan is a Mexican journalist and Mexico’s leading ufologist. Listen to what he has to say about the Mayan Connection to 2012 Crop Circles that were discovered in 2005; one year after Escape 2 Earth was written.
Mayan Connection to 2012 Crop Circles

Chapter #3 of Escape 2 Earth
It is revealed that here is a hidden chamber under the Sphinx where secret alien documents that are crucial to mans survival are stored.

According to Edgar Cayce the Sphinx was constructed thousands of years before the Egyptians ever set foot in that area. In the early 90’s years after his death a chamber was discovered, however it has still not been opened.

Edgar Cayce and the Sphinx

Chapter #15 is titled Reality Check. In that chapter Art tells the House of Commons in England that the planet Telderan is headed towards earth.

Here is a short clip that explains that planet Nibiru is headed towards earth.

As always, I am not making any predictions but I do think that the number of similarities is starting to add up. What will happen on December 21st 2012? We will have to wait and see.

For those who believe that crop circles are man made, take a look at this video.

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Star Trek: The New Generation

I haven't been posting as regularly as I used to. This is mostly because I'm embarking on a three week book tour. Every Saturday for the next three weeks I'll be in another city. The third week I'll be at the West Virginia Book Fair.

Saturday September 26 - Baltimore Book Festival
Saturday October 3 - Collingswood, NJ Book Festival
Sat/Sun October 10-11 - Charleston, WV Book Festival

I hope to see you there, Larry - for more information visit Escape 2

Star Trek – The Next Series

Part #2

Star Fleet Outpost
In past Star Trek series, Admirals, Generals, Ambassadors, and the like had to travel great distances to reach the Enterprise or some distant planet, and the same applied to crew members when they were ordered to report back to Star fleet headquarters. Damaged Star Ships in need of repair also had to travel great distances. It would be more practical to build a state of the art Star Fleet outpost or to convert Deep Space Nine into one.

Really Cool Warship
Since the days of the Romulans the enemies of Star Trek have grown to include The Borg, The Xindi, and at least a dozen others. The new Defiant warship would serve a dual purpose, not only would it be faster, larger, and more deadly, under certain circumstances it could be used for time travel.

Time Travel
Practically every incarnation of Star Trek had some type of time travel. It played a major part in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, the episode Shockwave from Star Trek Enterprise was another example of how time travel was a major part of the story. The method of time travel could be a machine or the ship itself. Only a small number of specially selected officers would be aware of this machine and would only be able to use it during dire emergencies.

The new setting would have to be even further into the future than any of the previous series. The ships would be sleeker, faster and the enemies even more deadly then the Borg. The new and improved Hollodeck would be larger and have at least two floors. Not only used for recreation on the Star Fleet space station it would also allow members to consult with important people from the past like Dr.

Zefram Cochrane.

By cherry picking the best elements, gadgets, and themes from the previous versions of this popular sci fi series the new Star Trek could actually surpass the earlier versions if done correctly. There is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel when you don’t have too.
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