Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sci-fi Short Story - Free

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"The Great Chamber’s walls were the meetings were held were covered with fine priceless works of art that had been gathered from various galaxies through the years. Soft blue light emanating from the oval table lit up the room.
Lazon’s Apex was the first to arrive, his long tan robe fluttered behind him as he briskly approached his seat at the head of the oval glass table. Shortly after his arrival the Emperor of Natropi entered the chamber, he was followed by King Ashnar of Deltor, Elder Manook from the planet Tygalon, King Zerlious of Xanar, and the Supreme Ruler of the water planet Nep’o. One by one the members entered the room, greeted each other and sat down on one of the gray high back chairs. Each chair was equipped with a panel that concealed buttons and switches allowing the members to vote or view images on the glass table in front of them. When the sixteenth member took his seat the Apex glanced over at the empty chair once occupied by the ruler of Otar and began the meeting."

Here are the links for everyone who has been asking about the Escape 2 Earth series.
Lexicon of the Spiral Galaxy [NOOK Book] FREE
Lexicon of the Spiral Galaxy FREE
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Terror on Telderan Kindle FREE
Inside The Spiral Galaxy, Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.