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Terror on Telderan - Sneak Peek

Excerpt from Terror on Telderan
(Prequel to Escape 2 Earth 2012)
by Larry Johnson Sr.

The Teldaran and Earth dilemma’s was not only on the minds of Rayna and Earth’s Guardians, miles away a meeting of the powerful Planetary Alliance was about to convene.  The Great Chamber’s walls were the meetings were held were covered with fine priceless works of art that had been gathered from various galaxies through the years. Soft blue light emanating from the oval table lit up the room.  

Lazon’s Apex was the first to arrive, his long tan robe fluttered behind him as he briskly approached his seat at the head of the oval glass table.  Shortly after his arrival the Emperor of Natropi entered the chamber, he was followed by King Ashnar of Deltor, Elder Manook from the planet Tygalon, King Zerlious of Xanar, and the Supreme Ruler of the water planet Nep’o.  One by one the members entered the room, greeted each other and sat down on one of the gray high back chairs.  Each chair was equipped with a panel that concealed buttons and switches allowing the members to vote or view images on the glass table in front of them. When the sixteenth member took his seat the Apex glanced over at the empty chair once occupied by the ruler of Otar and began the meeting. 

The Apex was a straight forward leader.  He was a slender middle aged Lazoian with short bluish black hair.  His voice was not loud or commanding but somehow he had always managed to hold everyone’s attention and he was known for getting results. 

"I am aware that you are eager to return to the celebration so I will be brief."
The first topic of discussion was weather the Alliance would open trade negotiations with the planet Rayos.  The majority of members voted it down.  The next issue was Galaron’s request to be considered to fill the seat in the alliance left vacant by the departure of Otar.  The group’s consensus was that Galaron was not ready.  Again the vote was no.  For the fourth time in as many years the Planetary Alliance had sent scout ships to find out what happened to the inhabitants of the Planet Akanon and for the fourth time the ship vanished never to be seen or heard from again.  So many ships have disappeared around Akanon that it had been nicknamed The Planet of Doom. Should another attempt be made to find out what happened to all of those ships?  The vote was unanimous. 

As the members pushed the little red buttons on the little console inside the arm of the chair the results could be seen on the screens inside the table in front of them.  On this day the votes were consistent, no, no, and no. It appeared as thought the alliance members would be heading to the festivities early until the Grand Apex brought up the final topic for the day, Telderan. 

Although a few thousand settlers had been living there for close to one hundred and fifty years the planet was mainly untouched.  Most people did not want to live there out of fear of the Nex.  Loosely translated it meant violent death.  The Apex reminded everyone that as stated in the alliance charter before a planet could be terra formed an alliance colony have to live and gather data on the planet for a period of no less than twenty five years.  The Emperor of Natropi rose from his seat.

"We are well aware of the rules Apex, our geologist and botanist have been living on Telderan for twenty two years now."

The Apex nodded and held up his hand.  

"It has been brought to my attention that I’Rotart will attempt to claim Telderan and terra form it for Otar.  After leaving the alliance he has abandoned our ways, disregarded our rules.  Now his world is in peril and his people are suffering.  By terra forming Telderan he would be able to solve many of his problems."
Zerlious of Xanar was also confused about this dilemma.  The gray bearded King tried to lift his rather large frame from his seat but quickly decided that it was best to make his point sitting down. 

"Otarians do not have the knowledge or technology to terra form a planet like Telderan.  If he were to acquire such knowledge the settlers and our colony members would be in grave danger if he attempted to do so."
Elder Manook cautioned the group.  

"I’Rotart is a foolish and desperate leader."

Manook was a short, stocky brown skinned man who wardrobe was mostly animal skins, he waived his stubby finger around the table. 

"Do not forget my friends the prophecy’s of the Oracles, not just one Oracle but all of our Oracles have foretold of the day when a planet would leave us and clash with the blue planet called Earth.  Rotart will attempt to terra form the planet Telderan and he will most certainly fail.  The emitters that we have constructed around the perimeter of the colony and settlement may protect them from the deadly Nex however it would be of no use against the terra forming process."

The room fell silent, one by one the view screens were switch off, there will be no vote on Telderan on this day.  If the Oracles were correct no matter what decision was made it was inevitable that Telderan and Earth would be destroyed.  

It was midday on Lazon, the sea was filled with colorful boats of cheerful festival goers, some had traveled several light years from planets around the galaxies.  Many adults were busy painting their boats in bold bright colors while the elder members prepared the food for the evening feast.  Children on boats spread across the ocean were putting on the finishing touches to elaborate colorful lanterns made with intricate patterns and designs.  At dusk the Festival of Life would turn into the Festival of Life just as it has for thousands of years, but this year was different. 

The evening skies on Lazon had slowly turned from a powdery pink to a beautiful vivid orange when a large purple ship appeared directly over the area where the Planetary Alliance had set up their site along the beach.  The bottom hatch slide open and a much smaller craft the same color as the mother ship flew down to the beach and landed near The Grand Apex and a few of the Alliance members.  The figure exiting from the ship was no stranger to the Planetary Alliance, it was I’ Rotart. 

Thousands along the beach drew closer to see what was going on.  Landing a space ship was forbidden during the festival, it was a slap in the face to the ancestors as well as those who had attended this event.  I’Rotart was tall and handsome with wavy black hair and a short beard.  I’Rotart stood silently with his hands on his hips, his bodyguards stood by his side and behind him.  His bright blue shirt and pants made him look even taller.  The Grand Apex was angry; he approached Rotart but was able to hold his temper.


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