Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Philly Connection: Where in the world is Will Smith?

The Philly Connection or Where in the world is Will Smith

I have been a fan of Will Smith every since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the beginning I guess you could say that in part it stemmed from pride, you know hometown boy hits the big time but after a string of impressive hit movies (many of them science fiction) it would be hard to deny that the man has talent. Independence Day is on my top 20 list of best science fiction movies ever. It seems clear that Mr. Smith is drawn to the realm of science fiction. In the last twelve years he has starred in Men in Black, Men in Black #2, I, Robot, I Am Legend, and Hancock. All though I thought that both of the Men in Black movies were hilarious, I did have a few problems with I Am Legend and Hancock. The best of the bunch not including Independence Day was I, Robot, it was creative and his character was believable, it held my interest for the entire film.

Every now and then you hear that the ever elusive Mr. Smith has dropped into town to visit friends and family but you usually don’t know that he’s been here until after he has gone. I read somewhere that next year he will be making a movie called Monster Hunter, good for him but bad for me. It’s no secret that I believe one of the main characters in Escape 2 Earth would be perfect for him to play however getting the book into his hands has become more difficult than getting a seat on the space shuttle. The story is about 2012, the character in the story is named Will, he was raised in Philadelphia, age around 40, African American, a self made man who with his two friends are trying to save the people of Earth from total extinction. 2012 is less than four years away so to borrow the tag line from the novel, time is running out.

Hopefully Will Smith will make a suprise visit to the Free Library of Philadelphia Festival on Saturday April 18, and buy a copy of Escape 2 Earth.


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