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Escape 2 Earth Series Chronology

Escape 2 Earth Chronology

Year             1990
Place          A Galaxy trillions of miles away
Planet        Deltor (During the Festival of Life)

Members of the Planetary Alliance have gathered to discuss (among other things) the fate of planet Earth.  Hundreds of years ago it was foretold by the Oracles that in the earth year 1990 a terra-forming experiment would go terribly awry.  This reckless project conducted by the ruler of Otar would cause the Planet Telderan to break orbit hurling it off into space on a collision course with planet earth. 

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Year            2004
Place          Milky way Galaxy
Planet        Earth (Avebury Henge in Avebury, Wiltshire, England)

After discovering hidden cryptic messages inside crop circles around the world two photographers and a computer programmer have a clandestine meeting with a secret alien origination known as Earth Guardians.  They learn that on December 21st 2012 just eight years away Earth will be destroyed.
As the human race struggles to evacuate the crafty alien leader from the Planet Otar launches his nefarious plan to convince the earthlings that the danger has passed in order to keep them from leaving for a new and better world.
A power struggle ensues as the three main characters work in secret to save the people of Earth.  Will, Matt and Art travel to a distant planet and encounter other aliens being on high tech ships and hidden alien bases. 
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Year            2020
Place          Spiral Galaxy
Planet         New Earth (Earth #2)
A distress signal is received from the millions of Bottom Dwellers on Old Earth. Taz, the son of the evil tyrant Rotart has begun enslaving the humans who were left behind. Once again it is up to Matt, Will and Art to defeat their new enemy and rescue the society of Bottom Dwellers on Old Earth before it’s too late. This time it will be more difficult. With disagreement among the world’s leaders and a menacing traitor in the midst of the Planetary Alliance, the largest rescue mission in the history of mankind is underway. Who is the traitor? Are Matt, Will, and Art clever enough to defeat Taz and the Otarian army? Who will not survive this deadly mission? And will those left behind on old Earth gain liberation from the treacherous tyrant?
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Coming in 2012, the final book in the Escape 2 Earth series, Earth 2 Redemption.

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