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Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy

Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy

by Lawrence Johnson Sr. and Lauren A. Johnson

Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy

Product Description
The Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy is a collection of adventures that take place in the Escape 2 Earth Universe. Some events take place before and others after the heroes of Escape 2 Earth take center stage. This Universe will always have stories to tell. The mysterious adventures of the intergalactic detective Da’Quan, the dangerous missions of the Deltorian Warriors and the clandestine beginnings of Earth’s Guardians are laced with intrigue and conspiracies that even the common people of the Spiral Galaxy are not aware of.


Short Stories
Planet of Doom
Terror on Telderan
Danger on Deltor
Assault of the Telda
Murder on the Eros Star
Novella: The Visions of Koto-Ryin
Vision I: Battle at the Revkar Portal
Vision II: Attack of the Skyro
Vision III: The Vadarian Nightmare
Vision IV: The Return of the Skyro
Vision V: Double Crossed on Kitnar

About the Author
My name is Lauren Johnson, when I was a student in college I helped my father promote his science fiction novel and his collection of motivational quotes. Since I have obtained my diploma in Communications and Technology I've continued my pursuit into the publishing industry. My writing interests fall primarily within the science fiction realm but I also write paranormal and romance stories.
Hello, my name is Lawrence Johnson Sr., I am a science fiction and fantasy author. After writing the 2012 novel Escape 2 Earth, I continued on to write Return 2 Earth, I'm currently working on the sequel Earth 2. Earlier on in my life I've worked in many capacities, when I was nineteen I was Manager of the Community Center for the Philadelphia Housing Authority, there I opened the Wilson Park Library. I am also the founder and director of Let's Go Productions, where my wife, Renea and I ran vacations between 1977-1987. I've since been a travel agent (before the internet), and I'm currently writing science fiction novels.

Want to know more about Lauren and the book fairs he attends and her other novels?

Want to know more about Lauren and the book fairs she attends and her other novels?

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