Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's The Hurry?

What’s going on?

Jesse Ventura is an interesting fellow.  This ex-governor of Minnesota decided to host a TV show titled Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura I was not surprised.  Anyone over the age of ten knows that TV shows are canceled because of bad ratings so hyping the show was also expected.

“Jesse Ventura and a team of expert investigators examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time.”

Under normal circumstances I would not have given this program a second thought but when an ex governor of a major state has a guest on his show that makes the statement “the US government for the last 10 years have been on a crash shelter building program from coast to coast” it makes me wonder

A.   Is it true?
B. why would the government need so many under ground bunkers?

Denver International Airport

The show goes on to say that the government has built a massive bunker under Denver airport which according to Google maps is thirty miles away from the city of Denver Co. but only 98 miles from Peterson Air Force Base the new home of The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)  Is this a coincidence?  Why was the airport built so far away from the city?  Conspiracy theorists believe that an underground tunnel connecting the two points has or is being constructed in time to meet the December 21, 2012 deadline.

Is this all a bunch of nonsense or is something going on, if so what’s the hurry?  Could it be that the government is concerned about 2012?

Okay, even if you think that Governor Ventura is a crackpot what about the seed vault?

Entrance to seed vault

With all of the reporting going on we know that the seed vault is real but again the timing is curious.  Construction on the seed vault took less than a year at a cost of 9 million dollars.  The Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened officially on February 26, 2008.  I think that it’s a great idea but why wasn’t this done twenty or thirty years ago, why now?

Operational costs will be paid by Norway and the Global Crop Diversity Trust.[2] The primary funding of the Trust came from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, Switzerland, and Sweden, though funding has been received from a wide variety of sources including four developing countries: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and India.[3 ((source Wikipedia)

If the stories about secret underground bunkers are true what do they (the government) know that we don’t and what else is going on that we should don’t about?

The map leading from Denver Airport to NORAD.

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