Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome To the E2E Universe

Welcome To the E2E Universe
My science fiction novel that incorporates the mayan calendar, crop circles, and pyramids. Set in the year 2004 until 2012.The sequel to Escape 2 Earth. The Bottom Dwellers have been turned into slaves.
This short story takes place after Return 2 Earth, but in the story they're are NO spoilers for Return 2 Earth. So you can read it at any time of the series.
Planet of Doom and Terror on Telderan are booth FREE e-books.

Many light years from our Milky Way is a galaxy made up of more than two dozen alien planets where advanced societies of good and evil have clashed for thousands of years. The powerful Planetary Alliance (comprised of eighteen member planets) dominates the region and is almost always involved in the never ending encounters with those who seek to destroy them and become the dominate power in the galaxy. Planets like Deltor, Tygalon, Nep’o, Xanar and Natropi are just a few of the Planetary Alliance members but near the center of this strange and distant place is the newly terra formed planet called Earth 2.

How did human life forms from planet Earth come to exist among such advanced societies where even the weather is controlled by machines called enviormentilizers?

The answer to that question lies in Terror on Telderan, a short story that begins in the earth year 1990. It is the prequel to the novel Escape 2 Earth 2012. Due to the reckless actions of the leader of Otar Old Earth no longer exists, well not in the way that we know it. Right before the destruction of Old Earth on December 21, 2012 with the help from a secret alien origination known only as Earth Guardians we find ourselves living on Earth 2, a new planet with a new beginning but all is not well.

It is now eight years later and life on the pristine new planet Earth is beginning to seem normal again however millions of humans are stranded on a dying earth left behind. Trapped and forced into slavery by the bitter and sadistic dictator Taz a plea for help is sent out. In this strange new E2E universe, this new galaxy, the humans of Earth2 have made several allies but have also made a few enemies along the way. Enemies who have vowed to totally destroy us all.

In the second book of the series Return 2 Earth we find ourselves trying to rescue those millions left back on Old Earth, a broken wasteland of a planet where the human’s days are numbered. The task is difficult especially now that there is a traitor in our mist, one that had been able to telegraph our every move to the brutal leader who holds our people captive and wants to erase us from the galaxy. Victory is at hand but it comes at a very heavy price. In the year 2022 we find that the tables are turned, it is the Planetary Alliance and non alliance planets within the galaxy, our new galaxy that are in jeopardy and we are the only ones that can save them. Deadly rouge Warriors from the planet Deltor, malfunctioning computers, and sabotaged transport ships are just the tip of the iceberg in this all out life or death situation for the entire alliance of planets. During the chaos intergalactic detective Da’Quan is summoned by the Planetary Alliance in the short story Planet of Doom, but Da’Qauan is pre occupied dealing with angry killer androids on the planet Akanon better known as the planet of doom. Who is behind the mass destruction that threatens to bring down the entire galaxy and will the people of Earth 2 be able to restore order or is this the end?

Find out in the third and final book in the Escape 2 Earth series titled Earth 2 – Redemption.

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