Monday, December 21, 2009

Planet of Doom (An Escape 2 Earth Short Story)

Yesterday I released a free science fiction short story, and so far the downloads have exceeded my expectations. I just posted it yesterday, I didn't do any promotions and it's already gotten as half as many downloads as some of my other short stories, that's been up for much longer. This one is different than the other short stories, Dimensions in Time, Lost in Translation and A Matter of time. 

This one is titled Planet of Doom and it introduces a new character in the Escape 2 Earth universe.  This story takes place in the Escape 2 Earth universe, but you do not have to read Escape 2 Earth or Return 2 Earth to understand it, but if you did you would have a better understanding but those two books aren't essential to read to enjoy the story.  This story is more connected to the third novel than the previous two, but the third one isn't out yet, so it's all good.

The story begins after Return 2 Earth, the Planetary Alliance have requested the services of intergalactic detective Da’Quan to find the rouge Deltorian warriors Dajus and Mallobo for their crimes. Before Da'Quan can begin he is trapped on Akanon, also called Planet Doom. He learns that Akanon is controlled by humanoid killer robots. He must escape and return to his mission in time before the robots find and kill him.

Sounds good right?  Good enough to jump at this free short story, did I mention that it is free?

Planet of Doom

  • Lawrence Johnson Sr.

  • Escape 2 Earth 2012

  • Return 2 Earth: Liberation Force

  • Planet of Doom

  • Dimensions in Time

  • Lost in Translation

  • A Matter of Time
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