Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Free!

Hello All,

By now I hope you know about the event I'll be attending this weekend called PhilCon one of the oldest conventions around. I'll be on two panels this weekend. L.A Banks and Cory Doctorow will also be there so I'm in good company. Here's my schedule.

I will be attending PhilCon 2009, during November 20th-22nd.

* Fri 10:00 PM in Plaza VI (Six)—Buck Rogers Rides Again (13)

There is a new web series, there is a new comic book series. Why the resurgence?

* Sun 3:00 PM in Plaza II (Two)—Book Discussion Ideas (68)

Readers tell us their notions of what would make for a good book discussion.

I wrote a short story for all of you, well, because you deserve it. It's free of charge and for your reading pleasure. It's a flash fiction, it's a few words over a thousand and it's a quick read. I have more coming up in the future to keep a look out for more.

This one is called Lost in Translation

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