Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Evolution of Torchwood

I liked Torchwood, it was edgy, original, well written, and funny. What more could you ask for in a sci fi T.V. show? You may have noticed my use of the word liked (as in past tense) it wasn’t a typo.

Ah, the old gang

To answer my own question of what more could you ask, my answer is FIX IT. Put it back the way it was back in season one, before Captain Jack went into heat and saving the planet from the extraterrestrial du jour became the secondary story. Good grief even Captain James T. Kirk had more self control than Captain Hardness, I mean Captain Harkness. In it’s first season Torchwood was BBC America’s highest rated series EVER, but last year BBC America announced that only a single-five episode story arc will be presented instead of the usual 13.

Why, maybe because parents were freaking out when they discovered that their kids were not watching a G rated sci fi show. When Mom tuned in to see Captain Jack getting it on with Captain John Hart (aka Spike) the secret was out, Torchwood was no Doctor Who, in fact even the Doctor seems to keep old Jack at arms length. Have you seen the way he looks at Jack sometimes?

Where's everyone else?

I like Jack, the old Jack and I still like Torchwood, the old Torchwood, but who’s idea was it to start killing off the main characters? You know the ones that we spent two seasons getting to know then wham. From my vantage point this is an easy fix. Go back to the basics from season one also bring back Martha for a few more episodes.

My daughter's favorite doctor and companions
I feel like this was the old bait and switch, first give us the show that everyone wants then give us the show that you the writers and producers want. Well the fans aren’t buying it so it seems to me that if the producers want the show to stay on the air they will have no choice but to hide Captain Jacks Viagra and keep him focused on saving the planet…. again.

(written pre-Children of Earth special but after season 2)

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