Friday, March 13, 2009

Parallel Universe

Yeah, yeah, I know that this is a bit far out there, okay, maybe more than a bit but when you write science fiction novels from time to time you need to dwell in the land of possibilities and what if’s, for example what if we lived in a parallel universe. Fifty years ago if you had told someone that one day we would be able to plug in a box, put raw food in it and take out a fully cooked meal without the use of fire they would have carried you away to the loony bin right. So what if you were aware of this other universe and you knew that their world was in danger of being destroyed what would you do? Since crossing over to warn them in person is out of the question the next best thing would be to send them a message.

I came up with this idea a few years after writing Escape 2 Earth. The reason is simple, many people (not realizing that it was a science fiction story ) took the novel as a prediction of things to come in 2012. Then lo and behold recently there’s been a lot of talk on the internet about a mysterious planet from another solar system that will enter our system triggering massive worldwide destruction. Planet X has been identified as Nibiru and if that wasn’t enough a few months ago on You Tube a new Crop Circle of our solar system suddenly appeared showing the alignment of our planets on December 21, 2012 with Nibiru included in at least two of the crop circles.

Youtube Nibiru

Okay so you say that you’re not impressed. In Escape 2 Earth there is a mysterious planet from another solar system that enters our solar system triggering massive worldwide destruction. In the story the Aliens also use Crop Circles to send messages to warn us about planet X (in the story the planet is Telderan )and Earth’s destruction. In the book the planet arrives in our solar system on December 21, 2012. Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing, the book was published in April 2006 more than two years before the REAL Crop Circle first appeared. So there you have the parallels, the fiction of Escape 2 Earth and the reality (or perceived reality) that

1. A new planet will enter our solar system bringing mass destruction.

2. The destruction will occur on December 21, 2012.

3. Our government is aware of what’s going on but chooses to remain silent. This is also part of the storyline in the upcoming 2012 movie by Roland Emmerich.

4. The messages are being sent in the form of crop circles by beings not of our Earth. And that’s the hinge that holds this premise together. If we knew who the creator of these crop circles were them we could once and for all separate fact from fiction.

Take a minute to ponder the possibilities while I go and microwave some popcorn.

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